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Eagle Point

A curious setting with level parking on a silt bank millions of years old.

I’m camped on a southern edge of the Mitchell River delta — a classic form of ‘digitate’ delta which ranks as one of the world’s finest examples of this type of landform.

That’s Paynesville, south-east Victoria, showing up at the bottom centre of this Google satellite view.

The river sweeps near the western shore of Lake King before hitting Eagle Point Bluff and heading east into the lake.

According to Wikipedia:

Where the river meets the lake a river delta alluvial deposition of sediment has formed, known locally as silt jetties, which extend more than 8 kilometres east into the lake.

Silt deposited by this process forms into long narrow banks which run many kilometres. The silt was deposited over millions of years to form silt banks or islets as the speed of the river slows.

The silt jetties have been nominated by geologists as a site of international significance, second in size only to those of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico.

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