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A weather eye

Sometimes on the road I envy those earthly citizens who have been rooted for so long in an area that they can predict the weather with as little as a sideways glance at the sky.

And, at my age, it appears I can no longer rely on aches and twitches in various body parts and joints to predict tomorrow’s weather with any reasonable accuracy either. The pain is basically too persistent to appreciate the nuances of the degrees of agony as related to barometric pressure.

So, naturally I’ve researched various solutions for a ‘home-based’ weather station on the internet.

Obviously there is always the Australian Bureau of Meteorology with its encyclopaedic statistics, charts, maps and predictions. Great information buried under a tsunami of data gleaned 24/7 from countless weather stations, radar, offshore weather buoys, satellites, and weather balloons.

However, it can be a daunting process accessing the particular information you need.

Then along came Oz Weather (in iPhone and iPad versions) jailbreak iphone 4 to do the essential data filtering and present it in a clear, concise manner.

All I now have to do is pick a destination, or request with the tap of a button that it finds a weather station near me, and up comes the current information — including temperature, forecast maximum and minimum, windspeed and direction, rain (if any) and UV index.

There’s more … current and apparent temperatures, extremes of maximum and minimum temperatures and times, and extreme wind gust speeds and time, barometric pressure, humidity, and 7-day forecasts (pictured most effectively below).

A tap on the forecast button lays out a week’s predictions in a clear, easy-to-decipher design. And, if I am in a particularly nerdy mood I can continue investigating via radar (national and local), browse historical data, and even capture screen shots to email to friends already in warmer northern climes.

Bet these two annoy a few of them:

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