Still Life

On assignment for a Sydney ‘foodie’ magazine when Japanese cuisine was still a rarity in Australia, I was lucky enough to be presented with this plate of sushi to photograph. How could you go wrong? No fancy angles or lighting needed.

And best of all was the tasting after. I’ve been a fan of Japanese food ever since.

One of master luthier John Ferwerda’s violins starts to take shape in his Melbourne workshop.

“The challenge of violin making,” says John, “is to create something new from a shape and concept that is hundreds of years old.

“The design of a violin is eternal.

“The skill lies in bringing the instrument alive … in gluing together 72 basic bits of sculpted wood to create an instrument that ‘speaks’ … that is unique within its narrow paramenter.”

John is one of 34 highly-talented craftsmen and women who featured in Craft in Australia [Reed Books], a book I wrote and photographed during an earlier career.