There I was, sitting quietly on a park bench nursing my still sore knee, when I noticed two young girls in bright orange jackets striding along the road above my campsite.

Cars and a caravan arrived and the occupants all joined the two teenagers — Teagan and Olivia — for the last 100 metres.

Apparently it was Day 7 of a 300km walk from Devonport to Hobart to raise money to help Make-A-Wish Australia

All money raised (about $7000 already) will go to the foundation whose mission is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to “enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy”.

Despite their long day’s walk the girls were cheerful enough to set up a photo opportunity for their team, and I managed to hobble forward to get my own shot of them mounted on a topiary horse on the shores of Lake Dulverton.

Follow their adventure here.

The Bus aka Madam Plush appears to have a strong affinity for birds and animals.

Dogs, cats and birds have all visited freely, but a truly unexpected trio came aboard at Campbell Town recently.

Three welcome swallows flew in through the open door and had a good look around. When I got up to get the camera they were very relaxed, and two stayed to pose for a little while, both taking turns to enjoy the view from the steering wheel.

Also relaxed, and cheeky, were the Australian magpies who came to visit me everyday when I was camped on a friend’s front lawn in downtown Canberra.

Nature’s prime favourites were the Pelicans; High-fed, long-lived, and sociable and free.
James Montgomery, Pelican Island

The first pelicans I saw today were in flight … about a dozen soaring effortlessly overhead in formation. Their necks curled back, and beaks jutting forward like sharp knives. They swooped and soared.

Then came the landings on water. Oops.

This fellow later came in close, perhaps thinking I was gutting a fish and preparing to throw the entrails his way.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the quiet of this slice of waterfront, which some decades ago, was apparently a caravan park.