Fuel prices by postcode

An essential tool for the Road Warrior — fuel prices compared.

When I checked the price of diesel in Hobart recently, there was up to 8 cents a litre difference within a couple of kilometres from base.

Fuel information

Fuel spreadsheets
Fuel consumption vs speed
Fuel consumption & running costs [best overall, with reality check re costs]
Very detailed spreadsheet [not for everyone]

Fuel Price Comparisons

International prices


Tyre markings
What they mean
Tyre dangers
Scary stuff, worth watching.
Tyre ‘Bible’
All you want to know about tyres

National Radio Guide

Here’s an easy-to-use guide to Australian radio stations. Select the state you’re travelling in and its all there. Either tune in your own radio to the changed frequency or simply listen direct from your computer.


Solar maps
Average daily solar exposure
Solar screens
Solar Screen (Brisbane) 07 3398 5500
Solar radiation maps
Daily global solar exposure

National Weather

Bureau of Meteorology online.


Pet Friendly destinations
Holidaying with dogs

National Quarantine Regulations

Traveller’s guide to Australian interstate quarantine

Conversion Tools

Online calculators

Public Toilet Maps

Bookmark the national Public Toilet Map.

Its a fascinating site, and is technically very well done. Invaluable for the road warrior with urgent needs.

Those with GPS units can even upload their coordinates and then have the option of finding toilets by choice of:

  • Show the [x] nearest toilets.
  • Show toilets within [x] kilometres.
  • Show toilets within [x] minutes walking distance.

Australian dump points

A great resource from Sanidumps web site.

Another frequently updated list courtesy CMCA.

There’s also a dump point finder as part of the national Public Toilet Finder


Online Pharmacy

Low Bridges database

A handy guide found here.

Pension Calculator

You’ll find it here.

Add your own resources

If you know of any good online resources please share them with your fellow road warriors through the comment section below.

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